Soul and Dragon

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New versionNew Feature:
1. add a new Character , His name is Duo, career is Tank.
2. add new Chapter 2: Wild (+12 levels)
3. add new 8 Task
4. open Leaderboard
5. BUG Fixed

Soul and Dragon is a fighting role-playing game.
The characters are no longer limited to the respective skills of warrior, archer or tank. Each character has magic skills as a mage.
The game has created many new playing styles, including Arena PVP, Homeland Building, Bounty Hunter, Epic Adventure, Endless tower, Museum Gold Sharing, Chomper Raising, Equipment Forging, Lucky Wheel, Leaderboard, etc.
Diversified game experience, there are many game characters, including Human, Goblin, Elves, Undead, Dragons, Tauren and other monsters.

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