Crowd Lumberjack Unblocked

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Chop trees, collect wood to build a house on an island in this fun idle tycoon! Grab your axe and go to explore the world! Add new lumberjacks to your crowd team to construction of amazing buildings. Run with the crowd and chop down trees. I am exploring a huge world. Build beautiful cities and discover new islands! Ready! Set! Chop & Build!


Gameplay of Crowd Lumberjack Games

Swipe across the screen or use WASD to move Cut trees and build! Like other 3D stickman games, Join Lumberjack can be played with just one finger! Due to the auto chop and building mechanism, it has a super simple control and is fast paced. Pick your phone, launch the game, chop down trees, pump your crowd and build cool buildings!

How to Play Crowd Lumberjack Games?

Tips and Strategies for Crowd Lumberjack Games

Who created Crowd Lumberjack Games?

Crowd Lumberjack is created by

How can I play Crowd Lumberjack for free?

You can play Crowd Lumberjack for free on GamesDisney.

Can I play Crowd Lumberjack on mobile and desktop?

Crowd Lumberjack is playable on your computer and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


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