Flames & Fortune Unblocked

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Step into the fiery depths of Flames & Fortune, a thrilling collectible card game that channels the addictive strategy of Card Crawl. You are a valiant knight, wielding the scorching power of fire magic to overcome the challenges of perilous dungeons. Each level is a deck of cards, each one a potential obstacle or opportunity. Can you strategize your way through, vanquishing foes, collecting treasure, and escaping with your life?


  1. Fire-Fueled Gameplay: Unleash a fiery arsenal of spells, from scorching blasts to protective shields, to overcome each dungeon's unique challenges.
  2. Deep Card Collection: Gather and upgrade a vast library of powerful cards, each with its own unique abilities and synergies. Craft your perfect deck to match your playstyle and conquer any dungeon.
  3. Strategic Deck Building: Experiment with diverse card combinations, from aggressive fire attacks to defensive shields and resource management. Adapt your strategy to each dungeon and enemy, ensuring you always have the upper hand.
  4. Engaging Dungeon Design: Explore a variety of dungeons, each with its own distinct atmosphere, creatures, and challenges. No two playthroughs will ever be the same!
  5. Rewarding Progression: Collect gold and level up your knight, unlocking new cards and abilities. The more you play, the more powerful you become, allowing you to tackle even more challenging dungeons.

Gameplay of Flames & Fortune Games

Flames & Fortune isn't about mindless button mashing; it's about calculated risk and strategic decision-making. Every card you draw presents a choice: fight a monstrous foe, dodge a deadly trap, or gather precious gold. The tension builds as you juggle resource management, attack power, and your dwindling health. Will you succumb to the dungeon's perils, or emerge triumphant with a fortune in your hands?

How to Play Flames & Fortune Games?

  1. Choose a Dungeon: Select a dungeon from the available list, each offering unique challenges and rewards.
  2. Build Your Deck: Carefully select a deck of cards, balancing attack, defense, and resource management to suit your playstyle and the dungeon's challenges.
  3. Draw and Play Cards: Draw cards from your deck, choosing when to attack, defend, or collect resources. Plan your moves strategically to maximize your chances of survival.
  4. Conquer Enemies: Engage in thrilling battles with the dungeon's denizens, utilizing your fire magic to overcome their challenges. Learn enemy weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.
  5. Collect Treasure: Gather gold and other rewards to upgrade your knight and unlock new cards. The more you collect, the more powerful you become.
  6. Escape the Dungeon: Clear all cards from the deck to escape the dungeon and claim your victory. The more challenges you overcome, the greater your reward!

Tips and Strategies for Flames & Fortune Games

  • Prioritize Health: In the heat of battle, it's easy to get caught up in maximizing damage. But remember, health is your most valuable resource. Don't be afraid to play defensive cards to survive and fight another day.
  • Master the Card Synergies: The true power of Flames & Fortune lies in understanding how your cards interact. Pair your fire spells with resource-gathering cards for maximum efficiency, or combine defensive cards to withstand even the fiercest attacks.
  • Adapt to the Dungeon: Each dungeon has its own unique set of challenges. Pay attention to the environment and enemy types, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Don't be afraid to switch your deck composition to best counter the threats you encounter.

Who created Flames & Fortune Games?

Flames & Fortune is created by Ravalmatic. This is their first game on GamesDisney!

How can I play Flames & Fortune for free?

You can play Flames & Fortune for free on GamesDisney.

Can I play Flames & Fortune on mobile and desktop?

Flames & Fortune is playable on your computer and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


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