Alchemy Unblocked

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The combination of two elements generates a third. Experiment to discover them all! About logic: 1. Each component can be perceived both literally and figuratively in different situations. For example, "water" can represent both water and a fluidity property. 2. The magic component in the game is very strong. The logic is based on the ideas of real alchemists of medieval Europe (and supplemented by the authors). 3. You can create a phoenix, but not a lawn mower! High-tech items cannot be created, at least most of them.


Gameplay of Alchemy Games

To check whether the 2 elements react, drag (mouse or finger) one on the other and release. In case of difficulties, you can always use the hint for advertising. You can also pull out any open item from the inventory by simply clicking on the desired item. All open recipes (including bonus ones) are displayed in the recipe book.

How to Play Alchemy Games?

Tips and Strategies for Alchemy Games

Who created Alchemy Games?

Alchemy is created by

How can I play Alchemy for free?

You can play Alchemy for free on GamesDisney.

Can I play Alchemy on mobile and desktop?

Alchemy is playable on your computer and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


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